Setting up Okta

Okta can be set up as an OIDC identity provider or an attribute provider.

To set up Okta for authentication, you’ll need to set up Maverics as an app integration.

  1. Go to Applications and click Create App Integration.
  2. Create Maverics as an OIDC Open ID Connect Web Application.
  3. Accept the default settings.
  4. Add the following for URI and Logout URL:
    • For URI, enter https://localhost/oidc
    • For Logout URL, enter https://localhost/oidc/logout
  5. Allow everyone.

Once you’ve created the app, you’ll be able to obtain the credentials from the information page. You’ll need the following:

  • OIDC Well Known URL
  • OAuth Client ID
  • OAuth Client Secret
  • Redirect URL: use your Okta tenant domain (for example, )
  • Logout URL

See Okta’s help documentation on creating OIDC app integrations and managing secrets for OIDC apps.