Install on Mac OS

At the moment, the macOS release is for development and testing purposes. This is not meant for use in production.

Download and verify macOS release

  1. Before downloading a Mac Orchestrator, you must first create an environment in Maverics. After creating your environment, you can select it from the Environments page and download the Mac Orchestrator, as well as your config.yaml file.
  2. Unzip the Orchestrator file by navigating to the download directory in a terminal window and using the following command.
  3. Verify the signature of the executable with the following command.
    codesign -dv --verbose=4 maverics_darwin_amd64
  4. Verify that the output includes the lines below.
    Authority=Developer ID Application: Strata Identity, Inc. (JDCYCM8VD6)
    Authority=Developer ID Certification Authority
    Authority=Apple Root CA

Run Maverics

Run the following command in terminal to test Maverics against the configuration you’ve downloaded.

./maverics_darwin_amd64 --config /path/to/your/config.yaml