View orchestrator telemetry

View orchestrator telemetry

The Orchestrators page lists all orchestrators associated with your account and listed by environment. Additionally, basic telemetry data is available on this page.

  • A green status (‘Available’) indicates the Orchestrator is up and running and successfully pulling its configuration from shared storage
  • A red status (‘Unreachable’) indicates the Orchestrator is offline and/or not pulling its configuration from shared storage

To view the telemetry data for a specific orchestrator, click the orchestrator ID.

Each orchestrator telemetry page displays graphs for the following:

Orchestrator metrics

  • Request Count: total number of all requests hitting the Orchestrator
  • Sessions: number of known sessions of downstream applications being proxied by the Orchestrator
  • Latency: duration of HTTP requests displayed as latency percentiles in milliseconds

Host system metrics

For evaluation, host system metrics are only available on Linux and Windows operating systems. They are not available on Mac OS X.
  • Memory utilization: amount of system memory being consumed by the Orchestrator.
  • CPU utilization: amount of host system compute being used by the Orchestrator.

Orchestrator charts are read only. Hover your mouse cursor over the charts for more details.

To adjust the polling time for Maverics to check for metrics from Orchestrator, change the polling parameter to the desired time (by default, 30 seconds) in your maverics.env file, (for example, export MAVERICS_POLLING_INTERVAL_SECONDS=5).