Third party packages

package "" v3.x.x

To learn more about the LDAP package, please reference the library's documentation.

type Conn

type Conn struct {
// contains filtered or unexported fields
Conn represents an LDAP Connection.

func DialURL

DialURL(addr string, opts ...DialOpt) (*Conn, error)
DialURL when successful returns a connection to the given LDAP address. The following schemes are supported: ldap://,ldaps://, ldapi://. DialOpt configures the DialContext.
After a successful Conn is established, any of the connections methods can be used.

func DialWithTLSConfig

DialWithTLSConfig(tc *tls.Config)
DialWithTLSConfig is a DialOpt that updates tls.Config in DialContext. This allows dialing via TLS directly instead of having to upgrade the tcp connection to TLS via conn.StartTLS.

func NewModifyRequest

func NewModifyRequest(dn string, controls []Control) *ModifyRequest
NewModifyRequest creates a modify request for the given DN

func NewPasswordModifyRequest

func NewPasswordModifyRequest(
userIdentity string,
oldPassword string,
newPassword string,
) *PasswordModifyRequest
NewPasswordModifyRequest creates a new password modify request.

func NewSearchRequest

func NewSearchRequest(
BaseDN string,
Scope, DerefAliases, SizeLimit, TimeLimit int,
TypesOnly bool,
Filter string,
Attributes []string,
Controls []Control,
) *SearchRequest
NewSearchRequest creates a new search request.

SearchRequest options

scope choices:
const (
ScopeBaseObject = 0
ScopeSingleLevel = 1
ScopeWholeSubtree = 2
const (
NeverDerefAliases = 0
DerefInSearching = 1
DerefFindingBaseObj = 2
DerefAlways = 3

package "" v3.x.x

To learn more about the go-jose package, please reference the library's documentation.

type JSONWebKeySet

type JSONWebKeySet struct {
Keys []JSONWebKey `json:"keys"`
type JSONWebKey
type JSONWebKey struct {
// represents a public or private key in JWK format.

package "" v3.x.x

func ParseSigned

import ""
func ParseSigned(s string) (*JSONWebToken, error)
ParseSigned parses a signed JSON web token (JWT). For more info on the JWT package, please see the library's documentation.