The MySQL Connector allows Maverics to connect to and query a MySQL database for users and their profile attributes.

Configuration options

The following values can be provided to the MySQL connector via the Maverics configuration file.

DB Name

dbName is the name of the database that will be connected to.

Service Account Password

serviceAccountPassword is the password used to connect to the MySQL database.

Service Account Username

serviceAccountUsername is the username used to connect to the MySQL database.

Table Name

tableName is the name of the table that will be queried.


url is the URL where the database is hosted.

Key Column Name

keyColumnName is the name of the field in the table used to look up a user.


Sample Connector Configuration

  - name: mysql-example
    type: mysql
    serviceAccountUsername: username
    serviceAccountPassword: password
    dbName: company
    tableName: employee
    keyColumnName: username