Maverics Authentication for IIS

Maverics Authentication for IIS

Maverics Authentication for IIS is a plug-in for Microsoft’s Internet Information Services web server. It is primarily used for policy enforcement and sending headers to protected resources.

Server requirements

  • IIS version >= 7
  • Windows Server 2012, 2016, or 2019


To install Maverics Authentication for IIS, obtain a copy of the Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) file from Strata, transfer it to the Windows server, and double-click the file to begin the install process.

First, you will be prompted to agree to the license terms and conditions.

Downloaded IIS Module

Select the checkbox and click Install. The installer will configure basic Windows features and install the required modules.

Enable and configure Maverics Authentication for IIS

After the installation is complete, open the IIS Manager and navigate to your target website under Sites to enable Maverics authentication.

IIS Manager

Go to Authentication and double-click Maverics Authentication.

Click Enable in the panel on the right side of the screen, then click Advanced Settings.

On the Advanced Settings window, enter the Maverics Authority URL.

Advanced Settings

If you want to enable Auto Login Redirect or Sliding Session, enable the checkboxes and adjust the time to your preference. These options allow the app to automatically redirect non-authenticated requests to the authority (Auto Login Redirect) and to extend the user session based on activity (Sliding Session).

Click OK to save your settings.