Additional third party packages

Additional third party packages

package "" v3.x.x

To learn more about the LDAP package, please reference the library’s documentation.

type Conn

type Conn struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Conn represents an LDAP Connection.

func DialURL

DialURL(addr string, opts ...DialOpt) (*Conn, error)

DialURL when successful returns a connection to the given LDAP address. The following schemes are supported: ldap://,ldaps://, ldapi://. DialOpt configures the DialContext.

After a successful Conn is established, any of the connections methods can be used.

func DialWithTLSConfig

DialWithTLSConfig(tc *tls.Config)

DialWithTLSConfig is a DialOpt that updates tls.Config in DialContext. This allows dialing via TLS directly instead of having to upgrade the tcp connection to TLS via conn.StartTLS.

func NewModifyRequest

func NewModifyRequest(dn string, controls []Control) *ModifyRequest

NewModifyRequest creates a modify request for the given DN

func NewPasswordModifyRequest

func NewPasswordModifyRequest(
	userIdentity string,
	oldPassword string,
	newPassword string,
) *PasswordModifyRequest

NewPasswordModifyRequest creates a new password modify request.

func NewSearchRequest

func NewSearchRequest(
  BaseDN string,
  Scope, DerefAliases, SizeLimit, TimeLimit int,
  TypesOnly bool,
  Filter string,
  Attributes []string,
  Controls []Control,
) *SearchRequest

NewSearchRequest creates a new search request.

SearchRequest options

scope choices:

const (
  ScopeBaseObject   = 0
  ScopeSingleLevel  = 1
  ScopeWholeSubtree = 2


const (
  NeverDerefAliases   = 0
  DerefInSearching    = 1
  DerefFindingBaseObj = 2
  DerefAlways         = 3

package "" v3.x.x

To learn more about the go-jose package, please reference the library’s documentation.

type JSONWebKeySet

type JSONWebKeySet struct {
    Keys []JSONWebKey `json:"keys"`

type JSONWebKey

type JSONWebKey struct {
    // represents a public or private key in JWK format.

package "" v3.x.x

func ParseSigned

import ""

func ParseSigned(s string) (*JSONWebToken, error)

ParseSigned parses a signed JSON web token (JWT). For more info on the JWT package, please see the library’s documentation.

package "" v1.18.12

func WithRegion

import ""

func WithRegion(v string) LoadOptionsFunc

WithRegion is a helper function to construct functional options that sets Region on config’s LoadOptions. Setting the region to an empty string will result in the region value being ignored. If multiple WithRegion calls are made, the last call overrides the previous call values.

func LoadDefaultConfig

import ""

func LoadDefaultConfig(ctx context.Context, optFns ...func(*LoadOptions) error) (cfg aws.Config, err error)

LoadDefaultConfig reads the SDK’s default external configurations and populates an AWS Config with the values from the external configurations.

package "" v1.10.0

type IsAuthorizedInput

type IsAuthorizedInput struct {

type IsAuthorizedOutput

type IsAuthorizedOutput struct {

func NewFromConfig

import ""

func NewFromConfig(cfg aws.Config, optFns ...func(*Options)) *Client

NewFromConfig returns a new client from the provided config.

package "" v1.10.0

type EntityIdentifier

type EntityIdentifier struct {

Contains the identifier of an entity, including its ID and type. This data type is used as a request parameter for IsAuthorized ( operation, and as a response parameter for the CreatePolicy ( , GetPolicy ( , and UpdatePolicy ( operations. Example: {“entityId”:“string”,“entityType”:“string”}

type ActionIdentifier

type ActionIdentifier struct {

Contains information about an action for a request for which an authorization decision is made. This data type is used as a request parameter to the IsAuthorized ( , BatchIsAuthorized ( , and IsAuthorizedWithToken ( operations. Example: { “actionId”: “”, “actionType”: “Action” }

package "" v0.22.0

To learn more about the HTML package, please reference the library’s documentation.

func Parse

func Parse(r io.Reader) (*Node, error)

Parse returns the parse tree for the HTML from the given Reader.

It implements the HTML5 parsing algorithm (, which is very complicated. The resultant tree can contain implicitly created nodes that have no explicit listed in r’s data, and nodes’ parents can differ from the nesting implied by a naive processing of start and end s. Conversely, explicit s in r’s data can be silently dropped, with no corresponding node in the resulting tree.

The input is assumed to be UTF-8 encoded.

type Node

type Node struct {
	Parent, FirstChild, LastChild, PrevSibling, NextSibling *Node

	Type      NodeType
	DataAtom  atom.Atom
	Data      string
	Namespace string
	Attr      []Attribute

Node consists of a NodeType and some Data (tag name for element nodes, content for text) and are part of a tree of Nodes. Element nodes may also have a Namespace and contain a slice of Attributes. Data is unescaped, so that it looks like “a<b” rather than “a<b”. For element nodes, DataAtom is the atom for Data, or zero if Data is not a known tag name.

An empty Namespace implies a “" namespace. Similarly, “math” is short for “", and “svg” is short for “".

type NodeType

const (
  ElementNode NodeType = 3

NodeType defines the type of Node.