Include external files

The include field enables a list of configuration files to be loaded. This can be used when a configuration grows large, and an administrator wants to split the config into smaller pieces. Included files can contain configuration for tls, connectors, and appgateways. Each item in the list must be a path to a directory or a file whose suffix is .yaml or .yml. If a given path is a directory, it will be recursively traversed to include all YAML files within that directory.

For information about configuration parameters and required values that must be provided in the configuration files incorporated into your maverics.yaml using include, see the following configuration references:

  - tls.yaml
  - azure.yaml

Alternatively, it is possible to specify the directories which contain AppGateway and Connector configurations. Each directory could contain more than one individual configuration files.

  - appgateways/
  - connectors/